Reducing plastic waste

One tablet at a time

The Story Behind EarthSuds

Hey! I'm Daniel, the founder of EarthSuds. Our EarthSuds journey started a few years ago when I was on vacation with my family and wandered over to a local beach.

I was expecting pristine white sand, but instead discovered a beach littered with plastics. Upon a closer look, I was shocked to see that most of the plastics were shampoo/amenity bottles. 

Appalled by what I’d seen, I returned to our hotel and pulled out my laptop to educate myself. According to a J&J study, every year 552M shampoo bottles are sent to landfills in the United States (5.7 billion globally). Toiletry bottles also enter our waterways, contributing to plastic patches in the Pacific Ocean bigger than Texas.

On top of all that, liquid shampoo is ~90% water, so it’s heavy to ship and produces high carbon emissions. Despite recycling initiatives, most bottles cannot be recycled due to contamination from leftover liquids and general poor plastic quality. These bottles just break down into microplastics which have been found in food, air, water, and even in our bodies!

A month after I returned, the tan lines faded but my eco anxiety lingered. The beach littered with plastic toiletry bottles imprinted in my mind. I decided to do something about it.

I teamed up with my university classmates and started working on a solution. Experiments started in the backyard, then progressed to my university house garage, and then eventually to a lab on campus. From reverse engineering shampoo bars to inventing shampoo strips, we conducted hundreds of experiments before eventually creating tablets!

Our solution was recognized by National Geographic as one of the top 10 best inventions to reduce plastic waste. We were also recognized by Elevate as one of Canada's top 20 upcoming startups in 2024.

This is just the beginning. Our vision is to build the world's best sustainable personal care company. One tablet at a time.

So come join the movement, and clean the Earth as you clean your hair!

Daniel Moll
Founder & CEO


Shampoo = white. Conditioner = yellow. Body wash = blue.

EarthSuds are designed to begin dissolving when water and pressure is applied, so steam from your shower or a few water drops will not cause EarthSuds products to dissolve.

1 EarthSuds tablet is equal to one wash. We recommend 1 tablet for all EarthSuds products. For very long and thick hair or taller and fuller figures, 2 tablets.

You should try to use EarthSuds in a shower facility with adequate drainage wherever possible. That being said, EarthSuds are made from naturally derived ingredients that are not toxic towards plant or aquatic life. If using them in lakes or streams, limit your usage to small quantities.

EarthSuds tablets are sulfate and paraben free which are known to be more suitable for colored hair.

You wouldn’t eat traditional soap and you shouldn’t eat EarthSuds. In small amounts EarthSuds are not harmful or toxic, but they are unpleasant to taste. Keep out of reach from small children.

Our shower cases are made from 100% aluminum. We chose to use aluminum because it's one of the most recycled materials in the world and can be repurposed for other use cases.

EarthSuds uses all vegan and cruelty free ingredients, partially organic ingredients.