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The hotel industry is facing a huge shift. Under pressure to cut down on wasteful single-use plastics, hotels need a replacement for their mini toiletry bottles.

As a hotel manager, you have options such as larger pump bottles and wall-mounted dispensers. However, these solutions still use plastic and can negatively affect your hotel's brand image. Additionally, and most importantly, they're not trusted by guests.

Current alternatives to amenity bottles in hotels is larger pump bottles, but these are unsanitary, still use plastic, and don't give any kind of unique experience to guests.

At EarthSuds, we believe in plastic-free solutions where sustainability doesn't compromise quality.

we've created single-use tablets of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash

The tablets are displayed in elegant reusable cases on bathroom countertops.

To use EarthSuds, hotel guests simply expose tablets to shower water, crush, and lather accordingly. Tablets do not dissolve upon initial contact with water.

Hotels benefit from using EarthSuds through reduced waste disposal costs, enhanced guest brand perception, and recognition as an innovator in the hospitality industry. Our initial annualized data from customers shows that hotels can enjoy up to:

hotels could save 15.5 thousand dollars in costs, improve guest satisfaction, and divert up to 31,000 pounds of plastic

We are also happy to announce that EarthSuds is the latest addition to the list of 2019 Green Key Vendors. This means that partnering with EarthSuds will not only help save the earth, but also benefit you by improving the environmental rating of your hotel.

greenkey certified as of 2019

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